Save Our Schools


When Republican Congressmen vote against higher nutrition standards for children’s school lunches, carrying out the wishes of “Big Ag” by making the tomato sauce on school lunch pizza the equivalent of a vegetable, we instantly know what that means. Public interests have been sold out again, and we the public have to rally our forces again to prevail. “Big Ag” is shor... »

Matt Damon Pwns a Right-Wing Reporter Trying to Smear Teachers

Matt Damon attended the Save Our Schools March on July 30, 2011. As son of a teacher and a public school grad himself, he tells off the right-wing reporter interviewing him, and gives the camera guy a little what-for too. Way to go, Matt! »

Joseph K. Reports From the Save Our Schools March and Conference

A summary of the speakers and events featured in the Save Our Schools March and Conference, as witnessed firsthand by K12NN correspondent Joseph K. Among the speakers were Jonathan Kozol, Matt Damon, Jon Stewart, and Jon Stewart. »

Educator and Activist Marion Brady: "Education Reform: Wrong Diagnosis, So Wrong Cure"

Why education activist Marion Brady's marching in the Save Our Schools national event: "Non-educators have now been in near-total control of US education policy for more than a full kindergarten-through-12th grade cycle, and things aren't going well." 10 false assumptions driving education reform, and what experienced teachers and motivated parents can do to challenge and re-direct education polic... »

(AUDIO) K12NN Talks to Sabrina Stevens-Shupe About the Save Our Schools March & Conference

Listen as a former Colorado teacher, Sabrina Stevens-Shupe, talks about the need to support public education and why the Save Our Schools march and conference were organized. The event is scheduled for July 28-31, 2011 in Washington, DC. »

No Crime Left Behind

Joseph K. asks if we'd fire oncologists who lose 50% of their patients to cancer, or police officers who fail to eradicate all crime. That's the twisted Kafka-esque logic of No Child Left Behind, says this longtime public school teacher. »