Photo Gallery: Schools Los Angeles Students Deserve Rally 8-May-2014

Photo Gallery: Schools Los Angeles Students Deserve Rally 8-May-2014


#not4sale #notyourmascot: (Repost) American Indian Graduation Rates and Stereotypical Images On and Off the Field

#not4sale #notyourmascot: (Repost) American Indian Graduation Rates and Stereotypical Images On and Off the Field

This wonderful piece is re-posted with permission from Dr. Debbie Reese and her American Indians in Children’s Literature site. As you think about the ugly perpetuation of racist caricatures of American Indians by major sports teams, think also about how many high schools around the nation still feature outdated native-themed mascots. Isn’t it time to change our team mascots to reflect... »

March 14, 2014: Remarks at the Association of Children’s Librarians Annual Institute

Cynthia Liu is CEO/Founder of K-12 News Network. On March 14, 2014, I was invited to speak to the Association of Childen’s Librarians of Northern California at their annual Institute in the beautiful San Francisco Main Public Library. Here’s the substance of the talk I gave. In re-arranging my address to the ACL for publication here, I decided to flip the order and put the call to acti... »

Fiscal Showdown & Reduced Federal Spending on Education? We Say Kids, Not Cuts

My home state is California, and we just successfully survived our own state version of the “fiscal cliff” when it comes to education. Here, they were called the “trigger cuts.” If Proposition 30 — essentially part of the June 30, 2012 budget passed by the legislature that needed the people’s thumbs up at the ballot box — hadn’t gotten that thumbR... »

What My Students Wrote in a Free Write About the Strike

The Friday before the strike was anticipated to possibly start here in Chicago. I asked my students the simple question at the end of a quiz, “Should your teachers go on strike?” Here is a sampling of their responses. This was a free write so I just typed what they had written. “I Support my teachers cause they need more pay so they can help us get ready for the future” — Hakeem ... »

Special Podcast: Weighted Pupil Funding & California’s Budget Process, 2012 — Call to Action

I just spoke with two impassioned and well-informed high school student leaders and a community coordinator at Californians for Justice about an emergency action to support public schools that they’re conducting in the next 18 hours, ending Friday, June 15, 2012. You can listen to the podcast here: Listen to internet radio with MOMocrats on Blog Talk Radio California’s budget must be p... »

Guest Post: Tennessee Lawmakers Must Abolish School Corporal Punishment

April is "National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month" and the rally was to raise awareness of the harmful and abusive practice of "School Corporal Punishment" while calling on Tennessee lawmakers to take action to abolish school corporal punishment in the state of Tennessee (already prohibited in Nashville schools and schools in 31 U.S. states), to ensure EQUAL access to safe and healthy ... »

LAUSD Superintendent of Schools John Deasy Must Go

Joseph K. is a 24-year veteran of LAUSD, a former mentor teacher twice named a Johns Hopkins University Teaching Fellow, who now teaches poor, inner-city children who wake up every morning in their gang-ridden, drug-infested neighborhoods at five a.m. to catch the bus by six. He teaches the old-fashioned way – by ignoring standardized test scores. Instead of teaching bubbling, he tries to instill ... »

Anti-Bullying Music Video: "To All You Guys," by Eric Barao

An original song by singer-songwriter Eric Barao to stop bullying, filmed at a real Rhode Island high school. »

Poverty for American Families on the Rise — Personal Voices

46 million Americans live in poverty as jobs continue to be scarce and Americans lose their homes. Look at the faces of kids -- some of them homeless -- and listen to what they say about growing up hungry. Are these kids well-prepared for the tests and watered-down curriculum they get at school? An excellent education is also a form of nourishment that we cannot deny to our nation's children. »

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