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Dallas/FW Community Disturbed By The Teaching of Arabic Language, Afraid of Exposure to "Islam"

A school district awarded a rare federal foreign language instruction grant for public schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area may return it because parents are concerned that learning the Arabic language will also entail learning the religion of Islam. Are their perceptions based on fact? »

Improve Race to the Top — Here's How

Responses to the NYT discussion by top education policymakers on the Obama Administration's Race to the Top initiative, with independent suggestions for progressive education policy. »

Education's Importance in "How We Win the Future," Theme of the State of the Union Speech

Some likely points having to do with education policy that President Obama will address in his State of the Union Speech, January 2011. »

The VIVA Project (Grassroots Teachers) Meets With Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Teachers from around the country raise their voices from the grassroots so they can be heard in education reform efforts. »

The Tea Party Plans to Dismantle the Department of Education

What's the Tea-publican Party agenda on education reform, and why do some want to dismantle the Department of Education? »

Global Education Summit Planned for NYC, March 16-17, 2011

The US Department of Education recently announced it will co-host an international summit on teaching in conjunction with two U.S. teachers' unions, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Asia Society, and the Council of State School Officers. »

Michelle Rhee Starts a National Advocacy Group That Puts "Students First"

Former head of the Washington, DC public school system Michelle Rhee has launched a new national organization that will advocate for Students First in public education. »

Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan Urges Passage of the DREAM Act

The White House and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan support the DREAM Act. »

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