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To President Obama on the Drawdown from Afghanistan: Put Returning Veterans to Work Through 'Troops to Teachers'

'Troops to Teachers' puts returning veterans on a path to a civilian, K-12 teaching career in some of our toughest low-income neighborhoods. Whether passed as a stand-along bill, or through reauthorization as Title II of No Child Left Behind (ESEA), 'Troops to Teachers' is a way to ensure jobs for returning vets, restock the pipeline for teachers in the face of a large cohort ready to retire, and ... »

Introducing ZombieX: No Zombie Left Behind

Zombie X gives us his perspective on standardized testing and No Child Left Behind from the point of view of a 12-year old seventh grader who attends a public school. »

Go Read It: Truthout — Charter Schools Outsource Education to Management Firms, Often With Poor Results

Ohio charters managed by a private, for-profit firm are called to account for some $230 million in taxpayer dollars, given that only 2% of schools meet Adequate Yearly Progress as defined under No Child Left Behind. The State of Ohio is having to sue the charter management organization in order to find out where public money was spent. »

March 9, 2011 MOMocrats/K12News Network Blog Talk Radio Show: Guest Leonie Haimson

On MOMocrats' MOMochat radio show, March 9, 2001: Leonie Haimson of Parents Across America discusses organizing to support public education in the face of extreme budget cuts and anti-child, anti-teacher, anti-union GOP budget proposals. »

White House Anti-Bullying Summit

Parents, teachers, school officials, and the President and First Lady of the United States launch concerted anti-bullying programs to prevent the spread of mental, verbal, and physical abuse among young people. »

Go Watch It: The Daily Show's Jon Stewart on Teachers in America, and Interview With Diane Ravitch

American teachers need to sacrifice, because millionaires need their tax cuts. NOT!!! »

Guest Blogger and 2010 Congressional Candidate Krystal Ball

2010 candidate for Congress Krystal Ball of Virginia guest blogs about how her preschool-aged daughter Ella has deepened her commitment to using the democratic and electoral process to shape public policy and make a better world for her child and everyone else's. »

Legislative Alert: H. R. 1 Funding Cuts to STEM Education, Special Education Scheduled to Take Effect March 18, 2011

The GOP House majority delivered a bill with $11 billion in cuts to education which is now under review by the Senate. The current budget extension expires March 4, 2011. Needed immediately: your voices raised to stop these drastic cuts. »

TODAY: U.S. Department of Education Budget Briefing, 12:30 pm ET

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan provides a briefing on federal budget priorities and their impact on education funding as reflected in President Obama's proposed budget. »

Go Read It: House GOP Looks to Slash Ed Spending (Ed Week)

GOP House members release proposed budget cuts prior to renewal of federal government funding (the stopgap in place covers the period Oct 1, 2010, to March 4, 2011). Cuts of $4.9 billion against an anticipated Dept of Education budget of $63.7 billion. »

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