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Back to School: Scholastic's Kid Reporters Interview President Obama

President Obama talks the Constitution with Scholastic’s student reporters Topanga Sena and Jacob Schroeder as part of a 7-part interview. Two of the interview clips are featured here, watch all seven clips here. »

Blood Money*

By Joseph K. We are being asked (key word “asked”) to be trained (key word “trained”, like dogs,) by Pearson “Learning” August 29th and 30th. Pearson is going to pay us. Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, the money they are going to pay us is blood money. And the blood money they are going to pay us with is our own blood. It is the blood we bled when LAUSD cut our pay. It is the blood we will ... »

End Homophobic Bullying? Anti-Gay Allegations Won't Stop Michelle Rhee From Speaking at Church Conference

Best known for her claim to put "Students First" and more controversially, to use student standardized test scores to evaluate teacher performance, Michelle Rhee will likely go ahead with plans to speak on Friday, August 12, 2011, at the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek, a conference held at a Chicago-area "mega-church." ...Rhee's continued participation at the conference and lack of any s... »

MSNBC Coverage: SOS March

Here's one balanced report on the Save Our Schools March, July 30, 2011. »

Diane Ravitch Stands Up for Students, Teachers, and Public Schools at the Save Our Schools March

Diane Ravitch, education professor and former member of the Department of Education under George Bush Sr., gives a speech outlining how and why No Child Left Behind needs to be drastically rethought if public schools in America are to be saved. »

Joseph K. Reports From the Save Our Schools March and Conference

A summary of the speakers and events featured in the Save Our Schools March and Conference, as witnessed firsthand by K12NN correspondent Joseph K. Among the speakers were Jonathan Kozol, Matt Damon, Jon Stewart, and Jon Stewart. »

Educator and Activist Marion Brady: "Education Reform: Wrong Diagnosis, So Wrong Cure"

Why education activist Marion Brady's marching in the Save Our Schools national event: "Non-educators have now been in near-total control of US education policy for more than a full kindergarten-through-12th grade cycle, and things aren't going well." 10 false assumptions driving education reform, and what experienced teachers and motivated parents can do to challenge and re-direct education polic... »

(AUDIO) K12NN Talks to Sabrina Stevens-Shupe About the Save Our Schools March & Conference

Listen as a former Colorado teacher, Sabrina Stevens-Shupe, talks about the need to support public education and why the Save Our Schools march and conference were organized. The event is scheduled for July 28-31, 2011 in Washington, DC. »

No Crime Left Behind

Joseph K. asks if we'd fire oncologists who lose 50% of their patients to cancer, or police officers who fail to eradicate all crime. That's the twisted Kafka-esque logic of No Child Left Behind, says this longtime public school teacher. »

ZombieX: Kelly Gallagher Says Stop Readicide Now (Part 1 of an Interview)

ZombieX interviews one of the best English teachers in the state of California, Kelly Gallagher -- author of the book Readicide. What teach to the student looks like, as opposed to teach to the test. »

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