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Dear Governor Brown, Please Sign AB250 For High Quality Education Into Law!

This is the high quality K-12 curriculum reform we've been waiting for that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking for 21st century learning. It's what we need to keep California a leader in the worlds of art, science, technology and culture. Please join over 18 parent, educator, and community grassroots groups to urge Governor Brown to sign AB250 into law! »

Fund Education Now's Parent Activist, Kathleen Oropeza, on an Orlando Sentinel Education Panel

An important panel on public education with representatives who are politicians, parents, teachers, and others. See what Kathleen Oropeza, co-founder of the grassroots education advocacy group Fund Education Now, has to say. »

California School Funding 101: How the State Funds Your School

CA State School Funding: What’s Ahead for 2011-2012? Map of the Fullerton College campus that shows parking, building info. Park for free on the first floor of the Student Parking Garage at Lemon & Fullerton College Drive, or in Staff Lot 8 spaces. Online Ticketing for SAVE THE DATE! California School Funding 101: How the State Funds Your School powered by Eventbrite Bios of the panelist... »

Poverty for American Families on the Rise — Personal Voices

46 million Americans live in poverty as jobs continue to be scarce and Americans lose their homes. Look at the faces of kids -- some of them homeless -- and listen to what they say about growing up hungry. Are these kids well-prepared for the tests and watered-down curriculum they get at school? An excellent education is also a form of nourishment that we cannot deny to our nation's children. »

Finland's Excellent Public Schools: A Smithsonian's-Eye View and A Former Citizen's Perspective

The Smithsonian Magazine featured Finnish schools in its September, 2011, magazine as written by an observant journalist visiting that country. K12NN highlights for you a prominent women's lifestyle blogger's perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of the Finnish education system as experienced throughout her childhood, and her own children's experiences in American schools. »

Taylor Mali: You Made A Difference

Tell a teacher what a wonderful difference they made in your life. Upload a video to teacher-poet Taylor Mali's YouTube channel and see all the other ones that have been posted. »

Side Note: An Inspiring Commencement Address From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' commencement address from June 12, 2005. Great words to put the meaning and purpose of education in perpective. »

End Homophobic Bullying? Anti-Gay Allegations Won't Stop Michelle Rhee From Speaking at Church Conference

Best known for her claim to put "Students First" and more controversially, to use student standardized test scores to evaluate teacher performance, Michelle Rhee will likely go ahead with plans to speak on Friday, August 12, 2011, at the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek, a conference held at a Chicago-area "mega-church." ...Rhee's continued participation at the conference and lack of any s... »

MSNBC Coverage: SOS March

Here's one balanced report on the Save Our Schools March, July 30, 2011. »

Diane Ravitch Stands Up for Students, Teachers, and Public Schools at the Save Our Schools March

Diane Ravitch, education professor and former member of the Department of Education under George Bush Sr., gives a speech outlining how and why No Child Left Behind needs to be drastically rethought if public schools in America are to be saved. »

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