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Three CA Education Revenue Initiatives for November, 2012? A Comparison, Because Voters Will Probably Only Support One

A comparison of 3 ballot initiatives to fund education in CA: Molly Munger's Our Children, Our Future; Governor Brown's Schools and Public Safety Act; and the Courage Campaign's Millionaire's Tax, all of which are seeking signatures to become ballot initiatives offered to the public for votes in November, 2012. Which one? Hard to say -- the three entities should swallow their egos and combine the ... »

Connecticut Governor Malloy Calls Rhee 'Divisive', Declines A Joint Appearance

The Connecticut Parents Union is a statewide community-based group led by Gwen Samuel, a parent with a child in the New Haven city schools. The group had arranged a March 14, 2012 meeting with the Governor of Connecticut, Daniel Malloy, as part of a rally planned for that day. But Governor Malloy decided not to attend once he heard that Michelle Rhee would also be there. The Governor acknowledged ... »


When Republican Congressmen vote against higher nutrition standards for children’s school lunches, carrying out the wishes of “Big Ag” by making the tomato sauce on school lunch pizza the equivalent of a vegetable, we instantly know what that means. Public interests have been sold out again, and we the public have to rally our forces again to prevail. “Big Ag” is shor... »

Digital Bootstraps for Analog Problems — A Reply to Forbes Columnist Gene Marks' "If I Were A Poor Black Kid"

"Digital bootstraps" don't take the place of face-to-face mentorship and teaching — let's recommit time and resources from real human beings to where real kids can be found, in local public schools. »

"Tiger Moms" Now Usurped by "Wolf Dads"

Corporal punishment is the unspoken dark side of Asian and Asian Pacific American parenting, and if the whirlwind created by Amy Chua's sardonic Tiger Mom memoir wasn't enough to roil the interwebs, the much less funny Wolf Dad will. »

UPDATED: First in our category! Help K12NN Win a $10,000 Grant from UNITY NewU & Ford Foundation!

Earlier this fall, I was selected as one of several accomplished journalists of color as a UNITY/NewU Fellow for 2011. The point of UNITY/NewU is to help news-based startups get seed funding. The Ford Foundation has partnered with UNITY to award $10,000 to four startups. Please vote for -- see what we've accomplished in 2011 alone. With your help, we could do much more! »

K12NN & MOMocrats Podcast: Interview With Lee Fang, Investigative Reporter at the The Nation

Reporter/researcher Lee Fang wrote a piece for The Nation that's an in-depth look at billionaire interests who are using campaign donations, philanthropic foundations, and Silicon Valley connections to push states to pass laws mandating that K-12 students take classes from lucrative online learning companies. Has this method of teaching even found to be effective? What exactly is meant by "online ... »

Anti-Bullying Music Video: "To All You Guys," by Eric Barao

An original song by singer-songwriter Eric Barao to stop bullying, filmed at a real Rhode Island high school. »

CA School Finance 101 Wrap-Up

Highlights from the CA School Finance 101 workshop -- a wrap-up that flags some of the most discussed issues by those in attendance. Over 70 school administrators, parents, school board members, and candidates for school board/Assembly/State Senate participated. »

K12NN on the MOMocrats Podcast: The Battle in Seattle — Four Women Run for School Board

On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills joined me for a lively Blog Talk Radio podcast with four women running for school board in Bill Gates' backyard up in Seattle. Sharon Peaslee, Michelle Buetow, Kate Martin and Marty McLaren have a vision for education in their district, and we'll hear why it doesn't completely mesh with that of the Gates and the Broad Foundations' p... »

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