I wasn’t quite sure coming into this what looping would be like. I loved the idea of my wonderful knowledge seeking group that would be joining me (rare in inner city), but unsure of learning a whole new curriculum. I knew nothing about the grade I was going into but everything about my students. I went into this so excited about my class. Though I lost a few due to moving and gained 5 new ones (I knew those students from the year before).

I’ve known some of my current students since they were babies. They are still amazing!!! They still seek knowledge daily and they are so loving! They care about me so much and I couldn’t love them more. I’ve never had a group of students that wanted to learn 24/7.  They even ask for extra homework. Every day is a new exciting adventure.  I know I have my tough days with them I couldn’t ask for a better class. The fact that they put so much effort in every day just makes me want to work that much harder to help them reach their goals. 🙂

GutsyGal is a kindergarten teacher in Florida. She was featured in a GOOD Magazine national search for the country’s best teachers and has blogged for Edutopia.

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