K12NN is a people-powered media company and intentional community formed to support and strengthen public schools through 1) full civic participation in democratic daily governance of local schools, and 2) full funding of public education using the electoral process. We do this by promoting grassroots education news and advocacy from the very people closest to the classroom.

News: K12NN’s priorities guiding editorial content are to

  • fully and equitably fund public education
  • promote policies, programs, and curriculum that counter the effects of structural racism, sexism, homophobia, wealth inequality, religious intolerance, and discrimination against the disabled
  • ensure every child has access to a high quality education (carrying forward the Civil Rights era struggle to desegregate schools, eliminate economic inequality’s place in creating unequal schools, remove hurdles to access/opportunity/achievement)
  • promote a broad, rich, relevant curriculum that includes the arts and STEM, promote racial and cultural literacy, and engages students deeply
  • ensure every child experiences school as a healthy and safe environment where they can focus on learning
  • promote the productive and authentic engagement of parents, educators, and students using all the democratic processes integral to public schools available to them
  • clarify and strengthen the ‘public’ in public education
  • strengthen civic participation in support of public schools, including full use of the electoral and political process
  • showcase the successes of local public schools whether through learning, teaching methods, student achievement, a constructive and nurturing school culture, exemplary cultivation of citizenship, or imaginative/visionary curriculum
  • highlight successes so motivated school communities can adapt and replicate those elements for themselves

Advocacy: K12NN strives to carry out the above priorities by

  • seeking out and promoting authentic grassroots voices of parents, educators, and students, given that local and city news organs may not provide adequate or relevant coverage
  • enabling ways for hyperlocal school communities to exchange information and interact across district, regional, and state lines
  • empowering school communities with on-the-ground and online organizing tools and best practices
  • recognizing that the site itself has an educational component, which is to inform and elicit users’ information about how public schools are working

People can read the public areas of the site, and if they register for free, they can participate by commenting or asking questions. The general public is welcome to peruse K12NN’s resources as site users.

Here’s a great example of how school communities come together to strengthen and improve public schools:

Organized Parents, Organized Teachers – Working together for effective reform in America’s public schools from Annenberg Institute on Vimeo.

Members who purchase a low-cost membership have the ability to form private groups, to gather other members and launch low-cost websites with powerful online organizing tools, and to access parent activist leaders/education thought leaders. We believe in self-funding through membership fees to maintain financial and editorial independence. We do not sell names or emails, not do we share them with anyone.

Ultimately we would like to change our structure so we are a co-operative, or perhaps an L3C so we can accept Program Related Investment funding from foundations whose goals align with ours. We may feature ads, a directory, and/or sponsored news or events in the future. We might pursue angel funding, more grants, or other means for economic sustainability. Currently we are self-funded.

As we are a new company, we will be revising and improving our guidelines for operation as we grow.

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