Why Rahm Does Not Care About the Kids in Chicago

Why Rahm Does Not Care About the Kids in Chicago

Chicago leads the country in the number of murders of any major city. Our mayor continues to ignore this fact and go ahead with funding and building new parks that cost $55 million downtown and a new river walk downtown that costs $100 million. My students on the South Side of the city live in one of the most violent and low income neighborhoods. Our mayor claims he cares about the kids, but his a... »

Digital Bootstraps for Analog Problems — A Reply to Forbes Columnist Gene Marks' "If I Were A Poor Black Kid"

"Digital bootstraps" don't take the place of face-to-face mentorship and teaching — let's recommit time and resources from real human beings to where real kids can be found, in local public schools. »

Reconnecting McDowell: A New Paradigm For Education Reform

The American Federation of Teachers and forty business and community groups come together to support students who attend schools in rural high-poverty areas, like McDowell County, West Virginia. This is a vision of transformational public education where the whole child -- no matter how hungry, homeless, or deprived of enrichment at home -- comes to school fed, clothed, stimulated, and ready to le... »