Finland's Excellent Public Schools: A Smithsonian's-Eye View and A Former Citizen's Perspective

The Smithsonian Magazine featured Finnish schools in its September, 2011, magazine as written by an observant journalist visiting that country. K12NN highlights for you a prominent women's lifestyle blogger's perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of the Finnish education system as experienced throughout her childhood, and her own children's experiences in American schools. »

Science Grrl: Why I'm Not Worried About China

Worry about China? Worry about 200 Chicago public schools that don't have a library first. »

Global Education Summit Planned for NYC, March 16-17, 2011

The US Department of Education recently announced it will co-host an international summit on teaching in conjunction with two U.S. teachers' unions, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Asia Society, and the Council of State School Officers. »