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Charismatic Charter Charlatan Amir Khan: Mayor Of Camden?

Charismatic Charter Charlatan Amir Khan: Mayor Of Camden?

By darciecima This one comes straight out of the “I couldn’t make this %#*@ up if I tried” file. Amir Khan is running for Mayor of Camden. Yes, THAT Amir Khan. The Amir Khan who Just last year Khan was living in Voorhees, trying to open a charter in Cherry Hill, but now he has moved Source: Mother Crusader      Related articles The Illinois Charter Commission. An über commit... »

Are We Winning Against Corporate Reform in NJ?

By Duke I really don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but the last day has brought two stunning pieces of news. The first is that virtual charters in New Jersey have been halted: State Education Commissioner Chris Cerf yesterday told the organizers of two proposed online charter schools that he would not grant them the final approval needed to open next fall. The decision comes as somethi... »

The Charter Circus Is Back In Town

By darciecima New Jersey’s last round of charter applications was a stealth affair. With no suburban applications, and no big controversies, nobody paid much attention. Well, That’s Pastor Michael McDuffie. Much like Pastor Amir Khan Source: Mother Crusader   »

Who Runs The Reformy Campaign Money Machine?

By Duke The reformy-minded campaign finance machine is becoming a fact of American political life. Michelle Rhee’s political giving around the country has been well-documented, as have the lobbying efforts of members of the educational-industrial complex such as K12, Inc and Jeb’s Bush’s FEE. Source: Jersey Jazzman     Related articles Just How Much of a Problem Is Campaign ... »