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K12NN Action: Decline to Sign Rhee’s Attack on Teacher Seniority (Ballot Initiative)

K12NN Action: Decline to Sign Rhee’s Attack on Teacher Seniority (Ballot Initiative)

  Newsflash from the December 18, 2013 Sacramento Bee: A ballot measure submitted by a political consultant for education advocate Michelle Rhee seeks to remove seniority as a factor when California school districts lay off teachers, requiring that they instead base decisions on performance ratings. Performance, under the proposal, would be determined in part based on student test scores. Why... »

Michelle Rhee Comes to Los Angeles; The City Shrugs

UPDATED: A student in attendance at the “Town Hall” wasn’t buying what Rhee was selling either. Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst group is holding a “Teacher Town Hall” meeting in Los Angeles on September 5, 2013, as part of a multi-city tour. I can’t fathom why anyone would be excited. As a Californian (since 1990), as an Angeleno (since roughly 2001), and as... »

Foundation gives large gift to advocacy group founded by Michelle Rhee – by Jane Meredith Adams

By Jane Meredith Adams The Walton Family Foundation, funded by heirs to the Walmart fortune, announced Tuesday that it is “significantly increasing its support” in the Sacramento-based national lobbying and policy group StudentsFirst, with an $8 million investment. The Walton Family Foundation has invested $3 million in StudentsFirst since Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of the Washington, D.C., ... »

Who Runs The Reformy Campaign Money Machine?

By Duke The reformy-minded campaign finance machine is becoming a fact of American political life. Michelle Rhee’s political giving around the country has been well-documented, as have the lobbying efforts of members of the educational-industrial complex such as K12, Inc and Jeb’s Bush’s FEE. Source: Jersey Jazzman     Related articles Just How Much of a Problem Is Campaign ... »

Robert D. Skeels: a community candidate for LAUSD School Board

What if the best candidate — measured on positions alone — is also the most under-funded candidate for Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education? At K-12 News Network, we thought you deserve to hear from an underdog. Note how plushly funded Michelle Rhee has just in the past 24 hours donated $250,000 to “corporate reform” candidates that Robert Skeels is runnin... »

Michelle Rhee Offers Democrats Campaign Money/”Ed Reform” Expertise, They Refuse

One of the first things Michelle Rhee’s group, StudentsFirstNY, did upon launching in that state was approach Democratic Congressional candidate Hakeem Jeffries (NY-CD8) and offer him a six-figure, unregulated, third party donation to his campaign. They probably thought Jeffries was an easy mark, given the positions he’s taken in the past urging that New York City open itself up to mor... »

Connecticut Governor Malloy Calls Rhee 'Divisive', Declines A Joint Appearance

The Connecticut Parents Union is a statewide community-based group led by Gwen Samuel, a parent with a child in the New Haven city schools. The group had arranged a March 14, 2012 meeting with the Governor of Connecticut, Daniel Malloy, as part of a rally planned for that day. But Governor Malloy decided not to attend once he heard that Michelle Rhee would also be there. The Governor acknowledged ... »


When Republican Congressmen vote against higher nutrition standards for children’s school lunches, carrying out the wishes of “Big Ag” by making the tomato sauce on school lunch pizza the equivalent of a vegetable, we instantly know what that means. Public interests have been sold out again, and we the public have to rally our forces again to prevail. “Big Ag” is shor... »

End Homophobic Bullying? Anti-Gay Allegations Won't Stop Michelle Rhee From Speaking at Church Conference

Best known for her claim to put "Students First" and more controversially, to use student standardized test scores to evaluate teacher performance, Michelle Rhee will likely go ahead with plans to speak on Friday, August 12, 2011, at the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek, a conference held at a Chicago-area "mega-church." ...Rhee's continued participation at the conference and lack of any s... »

Improve Race to the Top — Here's How

Responses to the NYT discussion by top education policymakers on the Obama Administration's Race to the Top initiative, with independent suggestions for progressive education policy. »