Diane Ravitch

Robert D. Skeels: a community candidate for LAUSD School Board

What if the best candidate — measured on positions alone — is also the most under-funded candidate for Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education? At K-12 News Network, we thought you deserve to hear from an underdog. Note how plushly funded Michelle Rhee has just in the past 24 hours donated $250,000 to “corporate reform” candidates that Robert Skeels is runnin... »

Diane Ravitch Stands Up for Students, Teachers, and Public Schools at the Save Our Schools March

Diane Ravitch, education professor and former member of the Department of Education under George Bush Sr., gives a speech outlining how and why No Child Left Behind needs to be drastically rethought if public schools in America are to be saved. »

Improve Race to the Top — Here's How

Responses to the NYT discussion by top education policymakers on the Obama Administration's Race to the Top initiative, with independent suggestions for progressive education policy. »