The Big Business of Charter Schools — MUST READ

The Big Business of Charter Schools — MUST READ

Don’t take it from me. Meet David Brain, an investor who also owns commercial real estate, movie theatre chains, and other businesses. He talks baldly to CNBC about what a great deal it is to have taxpayer dollars subsidize your investment. As highlighted in Valerie Strauss’ Answer Sheet, at the Washington Post: If you are wondering why you should add charter schools to your investment... »

Los Angeles Unified School District, Proposition 39, Co-location Issues & Charter Schools

To my great surprise, LAUSD has pushed back on a judge’s ruling that the district give facilities to charter schools seeking more space in existing public schools. Of the judge’s order, which would affect up to 45 charter schools, Superintendent of Los Angeles public schools John Deasy and the LAUSD school board say … that it would require L.A. Unified to displace students from t... »


When Republican Congressmen vote against higher nutrition standards for children’s school lunches, carrying out the wishes of “Big Ag” by making the tomato sauce on school lunch pizza the equivalent of a vegetable, we instantly know what that means. Public interests have been sold out again, and we the public have to rally our forces again to prevail. “Big Ag” is shor... »

GOP, Tea Party Influence Permeates Local Charter School

A Southern California charter school skirts legality in a number of ways: openly partisan electioneering on school grounds/with school mascots? Cozy cronyism between charter management organization heads and politicians who could influence the school's real estate dealings? Stealth religious instruction? Keep in mind, it's taxpayer money that funds the school. »

Go Read It: Truthout — Charter Schools Outsource Education to Management Firms, Often With Poor Results

Ohio charters managed by a private, for-profit firm are called to account for some $230 million in taxpayer dollars, given that only 2% of schools meet Adequate Yearly Progress as defined under No Child Left Behind. The State of Ohio is having to sue the charter management organization in order to find out where public money was spent. »

Yolie Flores on CRES #14 and Camino Nuevo Charter

In March, 2011, LAUSD allowed a newly-constructed $67 million school to be run by a charter management organization under "Public School Choice," sparking community unrest when a vote by the neighbors and the Superintendent's recommendations are ignored. »

CA State Board of Education Investigates McKinley Elementary "Trigger" Parent Petitions

The California State Board of Education has asked the State Attorney General to see if Parent Revolution petition signature gatherers misrepresented the goal to parents--to replace the low-performing school's teachers and administration with staff from Celerity Charter Schools. »