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Charismatic Charter Charlatan Amir Khan: Mayor Of Camden?

Charismatic Charter Charlatan Amir Khan: Mayor Of Camden?

By darciecima This one comes straight out of the “I couldn’t make this %#*@ up if I tried” file. Amir Khan is running for Mayor of Camden. Yes, THAT Amir Khan. The Amir Khan who Just last year Khan was living in Voorhees, trying to open a charter in Cherry Hill, but now he has moved Source: Mother Crusader      Related articles The Illinois Charter Commission. An über commit... »

Are We Winning Against Corporate Reform in NJ?

By Duke I really don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but the last day has brought two stunning pieces of news. The first is that virtual charters in New Jersey have been halted: State Education Commissioner Chris Cerf yesterday told the organizers of two proposed online charter schools that he would not grant them the final approval needed to open next fall. The decision comes as somethi... »

Many charter schools to begin offering transitional kindergarten in fall 2013 – by Lillian Mongeau

By Lillian Mongeau After a year’s delay, many charter schools will begin offering transitional kindergarten classes in the fall. There had been some disagreement with the California Department of Education over whether charters were required to offer the new program for children who turn five in the first few months of the school year. While school districts rolled out the transitional programs at... »

The Illinois Charter Commission. An über committee with even less democratic oversight than the CPS board.

By Fred Klonsky The Illinois State Charter Commission can almost be described as an über committee with even less oversight than Chicago’s mayoral controlled school board. If a privately managed charter application is rejected by a local school board, even a board that was democratically elected as all but the CPS board are, than the unelected Charter Commission can overrule that decision. And the... »