Anti-Bullying Music Video: "To All You Guys," by Eric Barao

An original song by singer-songwriter Eric Barao to stop bullying, filmed at a real Rhode Island high school. »

End Homophobic Bullying? Anti-Gay Allegations Won't Stop Michelle Rhee From Speaking at Church Conference

Best known for her claim to put "Students First" and more controversially, to use student standardized test scores to evaluate teacher performance, Michelle Rhee will likely go ahead with plans to speak on Friday, August 12, 2011, at the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek, a conference held at a Chicago-area "mega-church." ...Rhee's continued participation at the conference and lack of any s... »

White House Anti-Bullying Summit

Parents, teachers, school officials, and the President and First Lady of the United States launch concerted anti-bullying programs to prevent the spread of mental, verbal, and physical abuse among young people. »

MUST READ: Nine Teen Suicides in One Minnesota School District

Nine teen suicides in one year in one Minnesota school district--yet the district claims none were the result of (homophobic) bullying. »

The Neuroscience of Bullying

...just as we know physical abuse by adults creates lasting damage in children, it's becoming clearer that verbal or emotional abuse by a child's peers is also enough to create lasting, measurable damage in a child... »