School Districts

California's "Parent Trigger" Already Sets Off Investigation

The CA State Board of Education asks the Attorney General to investigate the petition-signing process that's part of the "parent trigger" to improve schools. »

A Hopeful Sign? NYC Schools' Number Two a Teacher and Brown University Graduate

Shael Polakow-Shuransky's roots as a teacher, principal, and experienced administrator give a different cast to his call for "more" tests. Will his own experience in progressive education lead to more qualitative assessment? »

MUST READ: Nine Teen Suicides in One Minnesota School District

Nine teen suicides in one year in one Minnesota school district--yet the district claims none were the result of (homophobic) bullying. »

Chicago Parents Sue Schools, Los Angeles Parents Pull the "Trigger"

Two different parent groups try ways to fix their kids' neighborhood schools. »

CA State Board of Education Investigates McKinley Elementary "Trigger" Parent Petitions

The California State Board of Education has asked the State Attorney General to see if Parent Revolution petition signature gatherers misrepresented the goal to parents--to replace the low-performing school's teachers and administration with staff from Celerity Charter Schools. »

Go Read It: DC Elementary School Students Deserve a New School

Parents whose kids were forced to attend a rat-infested, poorly ventilated school that made everyone sick were promised a new one by 2011 but so far any rebuilding in the school's old spot looks to prioritize commercial development first. Sign the petition that would help give parents and their children who attend the temporary school a voice. »

News Round-Up to December 3, 2010

News Round-Up, December 3, 2010 “Charters See Win in Court Ruling,” LA Daily News: charter schools win enforcement of Prop 39 (2000), LAUSD now must provide space at existing schools or new space for applicants requesting by February 1, 2011, decisions by LAUSD by April 2011. See also, LA Times, Charter Schools and Others Submit Plans for Takeover of New and Struggling L.A. Schools Mor... »

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