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Public School Supporters Meet With Governor Dean and Randi Weingarten at the DNC

Public School Supporters Meet With Governor Dean and Randi Weingarten at the DNC

While at the DNC, I was lucky enough to be invited to a small gathering of public education supporters with Governor Dean and Randi Weingarten, who heads the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). I’m a tremendous fan of Governor Dean — in fact, I was a Deaniac before there was a netroots. I still think he’s fantastic on so many issues close to the hearts of progressives. And I l... »

Los Angeles Unified School District, Proposition 39, Co-location Issues & Charter Schools

To my great surprise, LAUSD has pushed back on a judge’s ruling that the district give facilities to charter schools seeking more space in existing public schools. Of the judge’s order, which would affect up to 45 charter schools, Superintendent of Los Angeles public schools John Deasy and the LAUSD school board say … that it would require L.A. Unified to displace students from t... »

CA School Finance 101 Wrap-Up

Highlights from the CA School Finance 101 workshop -- a wrap-up that flags some of the most discussed issues by those in attendance. Over 70 school administrators, parents, school board members, and candidates for school board/Assembly/State Senate participated. »

K12NN on the MOMocrats Podcast: The Battle in Seattle — Four Women Run for School Board

On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills joined me for a lively Blog Talk Radio podcast with four women running for school board in Bill Gates' backyard up in Seattle. Sharon Peaslee, Michelle Buetow, Kate Martin and Marty McLaren have a vision for education in their district, and we'll hear why it doesn't completely mesh with that of the Gates and the Broad Foundations' p... »

Yolie Flores on CRES #14 and Camino Nuevo Charter

In March, 2011, LAUSD allowed a newly-constructed $67 million school to be run by a charter management organization under "Public School Choice," sparking community unrest when a vote by the neighbors and the Superintendent's recommendations are ignored. »

Opponents of Chinese Language Learning Mount Costly, Nuisance Recall Effort Against SoCal School Board

President of the Hacienda Heights - La Puente School Board Jay Chen updates his constituents on the nuisance recall election and harassment targeting he and other board members who approved a popular Chinese language program for the district. Support the board's choices by signing the attached petition. »

Go Read It: NY's Existing and Charter Schools, How Do Their Graduates Do?

For public high school graduates in NY state, Regents exam results correlate to college success. Far too many graduates fall short of college-readiness despite holding a high school diploma: only 41% of existing school grads will get C grades or above in college, only 10% of charter school grads will. »

New Priorities: Governor Brown Overhauls California Education

Governor Brown replaces 7 of 11 California State Board of Education members with his own appointees, charting a path for the state that tilts away from Schwarzenegger's pro-charter direction and away from the White House's Race to the Top agenda. »

CA State Board of Education Investigates McKinley Elementary "Trigger" Parent Petitions

The California State Board of Education has asked the State Attorney General to see if Parent Revolution petition signature gatherers misrepresented the goal to parents--to replace the low-performing school's teachers and administration with staff from Celerity Charter Schools. »

The Neuroscience of Bullying

...just as we know physical abuse by adults creates lasting damage in children, it's becoming clearer that verbal or emotional abuse by a child's peers is also enough to create lasting, measurable damage in a child... »

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