What Backers of the “Parent Trigger”/Parent Tricker Law Don’t Want You to Know: Real Democratic Involvement in Public Schools Works

Around the country, REAL parent heroes are putting the lie to the version of the story told in the movie Won’t Back Down. The “parent trigger”, or “parent tricker” law is in the news again, this time with a glossy film starring popular actors Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The heart-string-tugging movie is called Won’t Back Down, and at the most simplistic l... »

End Teach to the Test: Bad for Students and Their Teachers — the Latest Condemnation from the American Federation of Teachers

Is there a light at the end of the teach-to-the-test tunnel? A quirky pineapple that grabbed news headlines in the spring of 2012 may have marked a turning point in how much stock is given to a standardized test’s ability to accurately measure what children know. First, flickering sparks of discontent flashed up from parents of special ed children having to do with the tests themselves. This... »

Fact Check: FAIL — Romney’s Claim That the Federal Government Doesn’t Pay for Teachers

Fact Check: FAIL — Romney’s Claim That the Federal Government Doesn’t Pay for Teachers

Regarding presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s gaffe: of course state and local governments pay for teachers. No one disputes that. But the federal government does also pay for teachers, whether it’s the local or state education agency that makes that decision, or if it’s indirectly through federally-funded state training and credentialing programs. The Washington Post’s Jo... »

Romney’s Education Policies: Eliminate Public Education As We Know It With “Voucherlike” Plan

Mitt Romney’s latest statements about his vision for America’s public schools can be summed up by his declaration that it’d be best to let families “vote with their feet” and have federal dollars follow children to private/religious, public, charter, or online schools. Reckless, foolish, clueless, or all of the above? Perhaps if someone actually knowledgeable about ho... »

Florida’s Testing Debacle: Just Tweak the Cut Scores (Or, How to Lie With Statistics)

“Equipercentile equating” is fancy-talk for “don’t like the percentages of failing students? Lower the passing score.” The New York Times recently covered the flap, in which a proficiency grade of 4 on written tests yielded “too many” failures but a grade of 3 magically gave the same results as last year: 81% of students passed. From the article: Former Go... »

Gutting the Arts: Here's How NCLB Undermines Schools and How a Vigilant and Caring Community Fought to Save a Beloved Program

NCLB's narrowed curriculum almost cost our students wonderful opportunities. I refused to allow this school to ditch a fantastic program because they would rather hire a teacher who might have less experience and be able to come in for less money than to hire one to carry on this incredibly valuable art program. So did my daughter. We spoke up. You can too. »

Blood Money*

By Joseph K. We are being asked (key word “asked”) to be trained (key word “trained”, like dogs,) by Pearson “Learning” August 29th and 30th. Pearson is going to pay us. Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, the money they are going to pay us is blood money. And the blood money they are going to pay us with is our own blood. It is the blood we bled when LAUSD cut our pay. It is the blood we will ... »

MSNBC Coverage: SOS March

Here's one balanced report on the Save Our Schools March, July 30, 2011. »

Diane Ravitch Stands Up for Students, Teachers, and Public Schools at the Save Our Schools March

Diane Ravitch, education professor and former member of the Department of Education under George Bush Sr., gives a speech outlining how and why No Child Left Behind needs to be drastically rethought if public schools in America are to be saved. »

Watch This: Texas Educator John Kuhn at the SOS March

Joseph K. and many others in attendance report that Kuhns knocked it out of the park. Please oh please can we get him to run for public office or be the next Secretary of Education? »

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