Guest Blogger NY Communities for Change: Our New Search Tool for PCB Contamination, NYC Schools

Is your child being exposed to PCBs, dangerous construction chemicals commonly used in the '80s and '90s? Find out more about school building safety, environmental toxins, and a way to see if your NYC school is safe with a tool released by the non-profit group NY Communities. »

March 9, 2011 MOMocrats/K12News Network Blog Talk Radio Show: Guest Leonie Haimson

On MOMocrats' MOMochat radio show, March 9, 2001: Leonie Haimson of Parents Across America discusses organizing to support public education in the face of extreme budget cuts and anti-child, anti-teacher, anti-union GOP budget proposals. »

Improve Race to the Top — Here's How

Responses to the NYT discussion by top education policymakers on the Obama Administration's Race to the Top initiative, with independent suggestions for progressive education policy. »

Chicago Parents Sue Schools, Los Angeles Parents Pull the "Trigger"

Two different parent groups try ways to fix their kids' neighborhood schools. »

Go Read It: DC Elementary School Students Deserve a New School

Parents whose kids were forced to attend a rat-infested, poorly ventilated school that made everyone sick were promised a new one by 2011 but so far any rebuilding in the school's old spot looks to prioritize commercial development first. Sign the petition that would help give parents and their children who attend the temporary school a voice. »

Teachers' Unions Step Up in New Jersey With Policy Proposals

Rather than cede education reform to politicians who portray unions as obstacles to good schooling, teacher's unions offer their own solutions to closing the student achievement gap. »

Do We Really Need to Revamp School Textbooks as Often as We Do?

School textbooks--are we getting value for what we taxpayers pay? »

Michelle Rhee Starts a National Advocacy Group That Puts "Students First"

Former head of the Washington, DC public school system Michelle Rhee has launched a new national organization that will advocate for Students First in public education. »

Finland's Public Education: How They Do It Right

Finland's excellent public schools--what's the recipe for success? »

Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan Urges Passage of the DREAM Act

The White House and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan support the DREAM Act. »

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