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Special Podcast: Weighted Pupil Funding & California’s Budget Process, 2012 — Call to Action

I just spoke with two impassioned and well-informed high school student leaders and a community coordinator at Californians for Justice about an emergency action to support public schools that they’re conducting in the next 18 hours, ending Friday, June 15, 2012. You can listen to the podcast here: Listen to internet radio with MOMocrats on Blog Talk Radio California’s budget must be p... »

Education Voter Guide, CA State Senate & Assembly Races, June 5, 2012: Who Are the Bullies of 2011? (UPDATE: Now With Assembly Races)

Education Voter Guide, CA State Senate & Assembly Races, June 5, 2012: Who Are the Bullies of 2011? (UPDATE: Now With Assembly Races)

Coming up on June 5, 2012: California’s first open primary election in which anyone can vote for any candidate for state legislative offices, so long as you live in the district. Among other things, you’ll be choosing new State Senators in odd-numbered districts, and new Assembly members in all districts this year. Wondered who’s up for election in the newly redistricted state of... »

Three CA Education Revenue Initiatives for November, 2012? A Comparison, Because Voters Will Probably Only Support One

A comparison of 3 ballot initiatives to fund education in CA: Molly Munger's Our Children, Our Future; Governor Brown's Schools and Public Safety Act; and the Courage Campaign's Millionaire's Tax, all of which are seeking signatures to become ballot initiatives offered to the public for votes in November, 2012. Which one? Hard to say -- the three entities should swallow their egos and combine the ... »

Dear Governor Brown, Please Sign AB250 For High Quality Education Into Law!

This is the high quality K-12 curriculum reform we've been waiting for that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking for 21st century learning. It's what we need to keep California a leader in the worlds of art, science, technology and culture. Please join over 18 parent, educator, and community grassroots groups to urge Governor Brown to sign AB250 into law! »

Updates to the CA School Funding Map Tool, May 15-June 15, 2011

Covers changes in worst-case scenario for schools under an all-cuts budget from the release of the May revise in mid-May to the need for a vote on June 15 in order to comply with Prop 25 (salaries to legislators cut off if no budget is passed by mid-June in time for the end of the fiscal year on June 30). »

California School Funding: What's Different Now That The May Revise Has Been Released?

Governor Jerry Brown updates Californians on the state of the budget given recent taxes received. How does it change the budget picture for schools? It softens the immediate blow for this one upcoming year, but doesn't address the funding cliff that happens if taxes are not extended after June 30, 2011. In short -- it changes nothing about the long-term picture -- we still urgently need to fund ou... »

A California School Funding Map Tool

The California School Funding Map Tool helps people find out just how much money kids attending their public schools are going to lose in state budget cuts if revenue is allowed to expire on June 30, 2011. »

CA Budget/School Funding: Where Do We Go From Here? (The Legislature)

About a dozen GOP Assembly and State Senate representatives could be the difference between an extension of crucial revenue streams or a completely unworkable all-budgets cuts that would decimate public education. Only 2 votes from each house would be needed to pass the revenue extensions in the California legislature. »

5 Republicans Block June Vote on $12 Billion From Extending Current Taxes to Save California Schools

A few of the GOP state legislators who hate California schoolkids and want to deprive Californians of the chance to vote for $12 billion by extending current taxes that'll save the state's public schools: Sen. Bob Huff, 29th State Senate District and Chair of the Republican Caucus, R-Diamond Bar; Sen. Bill Emmerson, 37th State Senate District, R-Rancho Cucamonga; Tom Harman, 35th State Senate Dist... »

Go Listen to It: Kelley Williams-Bolar Speaks to NPR About School Residency Fraud

Compare Ohioan Kelley Williams-Bolar's school residency fraud with that of an affluent suburban Columbus family who didn't spend any jail time and used the courts to win their sons spots at a desirable school neighboring the district where they actually lived. »

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