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New Yorkers Sound Off On New State Exams

By John O’Connor edenpictures / Flickr New York students, parents and teachers now have a place to sound off about new state exams tied to Common Core standards. A professor at Teacher’s College, Columbia University has set up a website to allow New York students, parents and educators to post comments about the new state English language arts test. The tests are now tied to Common Core educ... »

Pearson Error on NYS Gifted and Talented Education Screening Test

BREAKING NEWS: Pearson errors on gifted and talented screening tests for NYS students mean that too few qualified students were identified. @GothamSchools reports: From Pearson re @NYCSchools G&T exams: “We are very sorry to report that errors at Pearson occurred …" Feel like we've heard this before — GothamSchools (@gothamschools) April 19, 2013 Pearson on G&T score s... »

Robert D. Skeels: a community candidate for LAUSD School Board

What if the best candidate — measured on positions alone — is also the most under-funded candidate for Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education? At K-12 News Network, we thought you deserve to hear from an underdog. Note how plushly funded Michelle Rhee has just in the past 24 hours donated $250,000 to “corporate reform” candidates that Robert Skeels is runnin... »

Michelle Rhee Offers Democrats Campaign Money/”Ed Reform” Expertise, They Refuse

One of the first things Michelle Rhee’s group, StudentsFirstNY, did upon launching in that state was approach Democratic Congressional candidate Hakeem Jeffries (NY-CD8) and offer him a six-figure, unregulated, third party donation to his campaign. They probably thought Jeffries was an easy mark, given the positions he’s taken in the past urging that New York City open itself up to mor... »

Guest Blogger NY Communities for Change: Our New Search Tool for PCB Contamination, NYC Schools

Is your child being exposed to PCBs, dangerous construction chemicals commonly used in the '80s and '90s? Find out more about school building safety, environmental toxins, and a way to see if your NYC school is safe with a tool released by the non-profit group NY Communities. »

Guest Blogger Meghan Groome, NYAS: Dear Parents, How To Raise Science-Loving Kids

Dr. Meghan Groome of the NY Academy of Sciences gives her favorite resources for raising science-loving kids and encouraging them to explore it as a passion and a possible career. »

March 9, 2011 MOMocrats/K12News Network Blog Talk Radio Show: Guest Leonie Haimson

On MOMocrats' MOMochat radio show, March 9, 2001: Leonie Haimson of Parents Across America discusses organizing to support public education in the face of extreme budget cuts and anti-child, anti-teacher, anti-union GOP budget proposals. »

K12NN & MOMocrats Radio Show: Guest Leonie Haimson, Weds March 9, 9:00 AM PT/Noon ET

Longtime education activist Leonie Haimson joins the MOMocrats MOMochat to talk about class size, budget cuts, NYC schools, and how parents can get organized to fight for public schools in the face of manufactured budget crises. »

Go Read It: Columbia Journalism Review–"Tested: Covering Schools in the Age of Micro-Measurement"

Release of "value-added" student achievement scores as a way to measure teachers in the Los Angeles Times (and an attempt to release them in the NY Times) has roiled the discussion on education policy as shaped by billionaire philanthropists and business-minded school superintendents. The Columbia Journalism Review exhaustively documents editorial debates over the release of the data. »

Go Read It: NYT Editorial, "Fairness in Firing Teachers"

The NYT's editorial on determining fair standards for identifying effective and ineffective teachers: during times of budget crisis, layoffs shouldn't pit new teacher effectiveness against costlier senior teachers as is the case under existing "last hired, first fired" rules. Most troubling: defining teacher effectiveness through student performance. (How about raising revenue and cutting elsewher... »

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