Los Angeles

California's "Parent Trigger" Already Sets Off Investigation

The CA State Board of Education asks the Attorney General to investigate the petition-signing process that's part of the "parent trigger" to improve schools. »

Sorry, Education: CA State Budget Deficit at $28 Billion

Governor-elect Jerry Brown held a budget summit in Los Angeles with a focus on public education funding. The upshot: no more to cut. »

Los Angeles School District: Brought to You By Corporate Sponsors

LAUSD votes to approve corporate sponsorship of playing fields, cafeterias, and other spaces on school campuses. Isn't the bigger problem drastic school budget cuts? »

CA State Board of Education Investigates McKinley Elementary "Trigger" Parent Petitions

The California State Board of Education has asked the State Attorney General to see if Parent Revolution petition signature gatherers misrepresented the goal to parents--to replace the low-performing school's teachers and administration with staff from Celerity Charter Schools. »

Chinese School — Not Just for Children of Uptight Chinese Immigrants Any More

Mandarin Chinese classes go from ethnic "old school" values to multi-ethnic, hipster parent "new school" trend, popular among...Mexicans and Manhattanites. »

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