Go Read It: Truthout — Charter Schools Outsource Education to Management Firms, Often With Poor Results

Ohio charters managed by a private, for-profit firm are called to account for some $230 million in taxpayer dollars, given that only 2% of schools meet Adequate Yearly Progress as defined under No Child Left Behind. The State of Ohio is having to sue the charter management organization in order to find out where public money was spent. »

Go Listen to It: Kelley Williams-Bolar Speaks to NPR About School Residency Fraud

Compare Ohioan Kelley Williams-Bolar's school residency fraud with that of an affluent suburban Columbus family who didn't spend any jail time and used the courts to win their sons spots at a desirable school neighboring the district where they actually lived. »

Why We Must Recommit Ourselves to Excellent Public Schools For All

Make every existing public school excellent--that's the only solution. What's currently wrong with public education can be summed up by looking at two very local stories that embody in particular what needs fixing in public education. Racial, economic, achievement and other inequalities are playing out through real estate. »