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Gutting the Arts: Here's How NCLB Undermines Schools and How a Vigilant and Caring Community Fought to Save a Beloved Program

NCLB's narrowed curriculum almost cost our students wonderful opportunities. I refused to allow this school to ditch a fantastic program because they would rather hire a teacher who might have less experience and be able to come in for less money than to hire one to carry on this incredibly valuable art program. So did my daughter. We spoke up. You can too. »

Reconnecting McDowell: A New Paradigm For Education Reform

The American Federation of Teachers and forty business and community groups come together to support students who attend schools in rural high-poverty areas, like McDowell County, West Virginia. This is a vision of transformational public education where the whole child -- no matter how hungry, homeless, or deprived of enrichment at home -- comes to school fed, clothed, stimulated, and ready to le... »