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Here’s A Great Stock Tip For You All!

Here’s A Great Stock Tip For You All!

If you want to make a lot of money and screw over millions of children, particularly inner-city children, all at the same time (and who doesn’t want to do that?), then join my favorite Governor Paul LePage and invest heavily in on-line learning. Studies have shown on-line learning to be a total sham when it comes to educating children, but hey, when the State will pay someone like K12 Inc. o... »

History Should Be Honest, by Joseph K.

Joseph K. relates how an assessment of his teaching through a quick 3-minute observation can lead to snap judgments, many of them superficial and wrong, about his overall effectiveness as a teacher and the entirety of his lesson plan. »

More Blood & Guts: Joseph K. Says Vote NO on the UTLA Tentative Agreement

On the UTLA Tentative Agreement: "UTLA has provided teachers with virtually no information regarding the matter (other than how wonderful it is), given them no time think about the issues (let alone discuss them), and are asking teachers to vote for the agreement starting, well, they already started. In the interest of full disclosure, I should say I have not read the fine print. But that is only ... »

Joseph K. Reports From the Save Our Schools March and Conference

A summary of the speakers and events featured in the Save Our Schools March and Conference, as witnessed firsthand by K12NN correspondent Joseph K. Among the speakers were Jonathan Kozol, Matt Damon, Jon Stewart, and Jon Stewart. »

No Crime Left Behind

Joseph K. asks if we'd fire oncologists who lose 50% of their patients to cancer, or police officers who fail to eradicate all crime. That's the twisted Kafka-esque logic of No Child Left Behind, says this longtime public school teacher. »