LAUSD’s iPad Deal: iPaid Too Much?

LAUSD’s iPad Deal: iPaid Too Much?


To the LAUSD Inspector General, the LAUSD Bond Oversight Committee, and LAUSD School Board,

Scour the iPad project before $1 billion goes down the drain!

LAUSD’s $1 billion project to buy iPads for students has only begun its roll-out. $30 million into the project, it already shows signs of missteps and even possible improprieties.

  • Using 30-year construction bonds to buy computers with a 3-year shelf life? Voters intended Measure Q, Measure R, and Measure Y to address overcrowded classrooms, dilapidated facilities, fire and earthquake safety, and other capital improvements that outlast the time it takes to pay for them.
  • Now the LA Times reports that the district forgot to include keyboards. That oversight will cost an unbudgeted $38 million. What else got overlooked?
  • The LA Daily News reports that one board member recused himself because he owned Apple stock. What other relationships did LAUSD officials have with contracted vendors? Were these all properly disclosed?

Now is the time—before millions more are wasted—to take a closer look and correct  course or stop it altogether. Sign the petition to tell the LAUSD Inspector General:  Scour the contract. Scour the process. Keep LAUSD clean.

LAUSD, Investigate iPad Deal!

Dear LAUSD Inspector General, LAUSD Board Members, Bond Oversight Committee,


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