The Friday before the strike was anticipated to possibly start here in Chicago. I asked my students the simple question at the end of a quiz, “Should your teachers go on strike?”

Here is a sampling of their responses. This was a free write so I just typed what they had written.

“I Support my teachers cause they need more pay so they can help us get ready for the future” — Hakeem

“I honestly think you should go on strike. I don’t think it’s fair that you have to work longer hours without getting the pay y’all deserve. Even though we gonna be out of school and we gonna make up those days it’s fine.” — Chakira

“I really support the teachers for going on strike, because I think teachers should fight for their rights.” — Harvey

“I 100% support my great teachers because the board isn’t treating them right” — Davon

“I do agree with teachers they should get paid more for their jobs.” — Terryon

“I support the teachers. Teaching sounds like an easy job but it really isn’t. These teachers go through a lot with coming and having the audacity and courage to teach these students. Teachers are like friends, parents, and mentors at times.” — Shartone

“I support teachers all the way for the strike. Why? Because without teachers what is school? Teachers work their butt off every day to make students become successful. My Englewood teachers really are for the students here and I really appreciate it.” — Ashten

“I think the teachers should go on strike because if they don’t the school system will forever be messed up. Another reason I think the teachers should go on strike is because we don’t have to come to school.” — Tamara

“Teachers should strike because they work their butts off at work every day teaching children like me. I support the teachers because these are the people that teach us everyday not the board.”– Jerome

“I am for the teachers. If it were me being treated unfairly I would do the same. “ — Ariel

“The teachers should go on strike. The mayor is wrong and lying about there not being enough money. We shouldn’t have the longer day either. Some kids have to travel far and in the winter time it gets dark early.” — Mckyila

“Everyone deserves justice and this situation with CPS must be justified. I am definitely with the strike and I do support the teachers.” — Elijah

“As a student it feels right to fight for the teachers to have a better environment for work. For one they’re not getting paid for extra hours trying to teach students. Lastly we need more things going into our schools to make them better” — Ashley

“Teachers work hard and don’t stop until all the students leave the building and they are still working after school hours to help us.” — Dontai

“Teachers want their students to have counselors, librarians, and nurses.” — Alicia

“Teachers actually love us like we’re their own. They want to see us make it big in life & not be on the streets.” — Shiquita

“The comment ‘teachers are walking out on their student’ is not true because they don’t want to strike, but they have to.” — Ray

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