Introducing Four New Contributors to K12NN

It’s my great pleasure to introduce to you four wonderful writers who are K12NN contributors. We are adding more all the time, and if you yourself are a parent, educator, or student who wants to blog about public ed through the lens of your school, please contact me using the email form on the “About” page. We’re always seeking new voices.


Rachel Tabachnick is a writer and independent researcher whose work on First Amendment issues (separation of church and state) as well as factions on the religious right has been published in national publications such as Zeek, The Jewish Daily Forward and The Public Eye, a publication of Political Research Associates. She is a strong supporter of interfaith relations and she herself has deep religious beliefs.

ZombieX is a 13-year old public school 8th grader.

Zombie X is an irreverent seventh grader, talented writer, and public school student. Zombie writes about the direct experience of education policies as they play out in his classroom.

Joseph K. is a 24-year veteran of LAUSD, a former mentor teacher twice named a Johns Hopkins University Teaching Fellow, who now teaches poor, inner-city children who wake up every morning in their gang-ridden, drug-infested neighborhoods at five a.m. to catch the bus by six. He teaches the old-fashioned way – by ignoring standardized test scores. Instead of teaching bubbling, he tries to instill a love of knowledge and learning in his students and for this reason will probably be allowed to continue teaching for fifteen more minutes. He’ll be attending the Save Our Schools March and Conference in late July, 2011.

Seasoned Teacher is from the midwest and teaches special ed. She’s been teaching for decades and is intimately familiar with curriculum design. She’ll also be attending the Save Our Schools March and Conference in late July, 2011.

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