Welcome to K-12 News Network (K12NN). (We’re on your mobile phone too.) We launched in January of 2011. Here’s our mission statement.

Cynthia Liu, Founder

I’m Cynthia Liu, the founder. I’m the parent of an elementary school-aged child. We’ve had him in private preschool, considered a public charter for maybe two minutes and homeschooling for about 30 seconds, and he currently attends a public school. I tell you all this because I want to acknowledge that there are a lot of options open to parents with school-aged children. And each family will have to make decisions right for them based on their specific circumstances.

But given all the choices, I’d like to make sure that public school is a true option–one that offers an excellent education at no cost and to any child. So the focus here will be on making public education live up to the promise it holds to all Americans.

Where school systems are clogged with bureaucracy, how can we make them more nimble and responsive? Where teachers are using the most effective, creative, and compelling methods, how can we replicate that in as many classrooms as we can? Where students are doing daring, brilliant, amazing work, how can we encourage that spark in other students who don’t see the need or the path to doing the same in their own lives?

I’m really interested in the world that researchers and education policymakers reflect back to us. But at the same time, schools are places where news is made every day, by parents (mostly women), educators, and students. I created K-12 News Network to make sure those voices could be heard, because it will take all of us, talking and working together, to make our schools the best they can be.

Here’s a great example of how I believe parents, teachers, and students can organize to strengthen and improve public schools:

Organized Parents, Organized Teachers – Working together for effective reform in America’s public schools from Annenberg Institute on Vimeo.

I hope you’ll join the conversation and be moved to action. We exist to enable you to take action with others in your community.

Once again, here’s our mission statement.

Feel free to email me here.

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